Thursday, September 4, 2014

14 What was your Creative Beginning?

We all start somewhere...

I started back in Jr high school when I had to make a life altering choice between band or drama...

Special shout outs to Mr. Reddifer and my old classmates: Paul, Chris and Daryl.

Other teachers that had a profound impact on my early creative journey: Jo and Gord Robideau.

If I get 1,000 comments on this video - I will post the "glove video" (a scream in the night) video that Daryl, Chris and myself created in Jr. high. (created back BEFORE there were video cameras in phones and BEFORE there was software to edit videos!)


  1. Hah! On occasion I still have random lines from the pirate production we killed in grade 9 (?) drama run through my head... yes, props to Mr. Reddifer! I think I vaguely remember the glove video. Thanks Jay.

  2. Most of those productions he actually wrote! Good times man!