Friday, September 19, 2014

25 Social Media!

Find over 1,000 more of my photos on Instagram: @JayMartens

Start sharing your creativity with the world through social media today!

Use the social media tools to connect with other creatives and showcase what you are doing.

Stop re-posting other people's content when you could be making your own!

The best things in my feed are things that my friends have made/created themselves. :)

Create something great today. Then share it!

Today's quick video:

Here are a few of the ways you can interact with me on social media:

  1. This blog! - Leave a comment below :)
  2. My other blog:
  3. My other, other blog:
  4. Facebook: Jay Martens
  5. Twitter: @BabyMagnus
  6. Other Twitter: @JayMartens
  7. Google Plus: Jay Martens
  8. Pinterest: Jay Martens
  9. Instagram: @jaymartens
  10. Youtube:

Store where you can get any of my Instagram pictures on canvas, framed prints, iphone cases etc. :

Have a great day and get connected!

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