Wednesday, September 24, 2014

28 Giving the Ultimate Gift!

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Give the Ultimate Gift - Your Creativity!

Share what it is that you do, however you do it, why ever you do it!

This one is under a minute so you can watch it twice! (or more?)

Have a Super Great Day Today!

In the spirit of giving I have a small contest running today with a prize that will fuel Your Creative Process!

BONUS! Exclusively for my my blog readers!

Enter to win a Mystery Contest*

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    1. With how many times you watched today's video
    2. Your answer to the following skill testing question:

  • What is my Creative Why?

Start watching now and hopefully I will see you in the winners' circle!

* prize yet to be determined
** winner to be determined based on Jay's sole discretion
*** void where prohibited
*** contest closes Tuesday September 30th at Midnight (PDST)
**** prize will need to be claimed in person in Kelowna B.C. Canada, Earth within 90 days
***** not legal in Quebec
****** sorry Quebec :(


  1. Sorry if this ends up posting twice! The first one seems to have vanished.

    I have watched the video twice.

    My creative why...while I may often doubt my skill or ability, I love to be creative in writing. As an introvert, I find my voice in writing in a way that I never could speak. Words tumble out of my mouth or get stuck in my throat. Writing allows me to express my thoughts and how I feel, and sharing those written words brings me happiness and gives me a sense of purpose.

  2. dang it! i posted i really did! ok i subcribed to your youtube channel and i not only watched this one but a few other ones!

    My creative why - I have a scrapbook that i want to do of my kids starting at day one! i have the book and supplies and photos! i just have to do it! so thanks for talking about passion and reminding me that i can do 15min a day!

  3. Thanks For entering! Angela and Mel!

  4. My creative why is release. I need to do something opposite to the technical side of by brain. Of course, a lot of my creative pursuits involve technical things, they also allow me to flex my creative side as well. A nice balance.

  5. I watched it thrice. Already a youtube subscriber.

    Your creativity why is a sensible one, of trying to create a group of people to further be more creative with. This will inspire more people to be creative, which will inspire even more. Eventually the whole world would be creative, and unfortunately one person will be creative in the sense of making a black hole which consumes our planet. I see your plans for what they really are.

    It was a good run.