Wednesday, September 17, 2014

23 What is a Hipster PDA?

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Back in the day of Hipsters (and now with the resurgence of hipsterism) there was a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) that was very versatile, lightweight, battery free, and easy to use.

Soon everyone everywhere had a 'Hipster' and creative ideas flowed freely in the land of the creatives.

But there was a dark time when hipsterism fell from fashion and all but the faintest of memories of the Hipster PDA were thought to have been lost forever.

But now, in todays video, right before your very eyes, I bring back from the edge of extinction just for you: "The Hipster PDA"

If you don't believe me, google it, it's a thing. :)

Let the Hipster PDA overflow with your creative potential!

Let us know what you have in Your Hipster PDA!

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