Wednesday, October 1, 2014

33 Time Managment

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Time management, simplification and minimalism are all great tools for carving out more time to spend in the creative zone doing what you love to do best - Creating!

Spend a few minutes today identifying what creative distractions you can manage more tightly, simplify or minimize in your life.

Focusing on being creative doesn't mean that you can just let everything else "slide" or "take care of itself" careful management of your time will help eliminate or at least reduce creative distractions.

If there are tasks you must do in your life, don't over complicate them - find the simplest way to get them done.

Overcrowding yourself physically, mentally or emotionally can bring your creative energy down to zero pretty  quick - minimize your life so the things that don't matter - don't exist. Eliminating physical things or habits or negative self talk can give you the room to create (mentally, emotionally and physically)

Check out some tips on time management, simplification and minimalism on my other blog Return to Less: 

Here is today's video for your encouragement! You have all been doing such a great job!

I will be reviewing the entries for the "Greatest Gift" contest and I will name the winner this week so stay tuned! (may the odds be ever in your flavour)

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