Friday, October 31, 2014

55 Anchoring - Day 5

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What a great week!

It has been challenging, but it has been worth it!

Watch today's video for some final anchoring tips as we pull it all together!

Day 1 - Defining your Creative Zone
Day 2 - Using your senses to experience your Creative Zone
Day 3 - Tracking the steps you take to get into your Creative Zone
Day 4 - Picking a gesture to use as a trigger to get into your Creative Zone
Day 5 - Reinforce using the trigger and practice getting into your Creative Zone

If you missed one or two videos - never fear, you can binge watch over the weekend and be caught up by Monday!

If you have ideas to help humanity manifest its creative potential let me know and we can collaborate on a video or chat about your ideas on the blog!

Have a super weekend and see you on Monday!

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