Friday, October 3, 2014

35 Get Outside!

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Don't let your creativity languish inside, get outside, into the real world!

"Look up! Waaaay up, and I'll call Rusty!"
     -The Friendly Giant

I challenge you to do some deep breathing with me in today's video.

Get outside today and let the fresh air feed your Creative Soul.

Manifest your creative potential today!

Ultimate Gift Contest Winner:


You are the proud owner of a brand new $20 Starbucks Gift card!
May it fuel your mind and body on your creative journey!

Thanks for subscribing and posting your photography / writing so consistently!
Your current LOLA Flickr posts are Great!

You truly are tapping into your creative potential for photography and writing!
Keep up the Great Work!

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Special thanks to all who entered - There will be more contests soon!

Keep manifesting your creative potential!

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