Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 Run Your Own Race!

Many times as a creative you may find yourself comparing your creative efforts to the efforts of others.


The only comparisons you need to do are with yourself - so you know that you are manifesting more and more of your creative potential. We don't all start from the same place or have the same "WHY" that motivates us - so we can't reasonably compare ourselves with others who come from another place and have a completely different motivating "WHY".

Here is the one second version: Don't compare yourself to others.
Here is the minute and a half version:

No matter what your creative outlet there will always be people to compare yourself to that have mastered the craft over a lifetime, or who have received a "lucky break" - the only person to compare yourself to is you!

Taking even a few minutes to reflect on how far you have come in your creative journey will give you great perspective as you continue to run YOUR OWN RACE!

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