Wednesday, August 20, 2014

4 Getting into your Creative Zone!

You have had at least one creative experience where everything was working for you, and you felt like you were really utilizing your full creative potential - You were "IN THE ZONE!"

Sometimes as creative people we struggle through life waiting for "lightning to strike twice",  or waiting until we "feel creative" - as if being in or out of the Creative Zone were something beyond our control.

Take a few minutes to focus on when you were in the Creative Zone and use some basic anchoring techniques to make sure you can jump right into the Creative Zone again! Anytime you want!

The more vividly you can recreate how the Creative Zone felt for all of your senses the more effective the anchoring will be.

One second version: Anchor your experience of being in your Creative Zone by using all of your senses.
Here is the two minute version:
This may not "just happen" the first time you try it so keep using this technique and soon you will find a nearly unlimited amount of creative energy at your disposal!

Don't sit idly by and wait for something external to remind you of your Creative Potential, remind yourself and jump right into the Creative Zone today!

Let's get into the Creative Zone and Manifest our Creative Potential today!

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