Monday, August 18, 2014

2 Being a Creative IS a Real Job!

If you are pursuing your creative endeavours then reward yourself today!

Way to go! You are rocking it! You have accomplished more than most fear to attempt!

Don't give in to the nay sayers or those that may minimize your creative contribution to the world!

One second version: Creativity is a real job, that requires real work!
Here is the one minute version:

Celebrate the fact that you have embraced creativity and have taken the bold steps required to "Work" as a Creative.

Creative work is real, requiring daily struggles, and is the noblest of pursuits.

Too often creatives feel shy about the work they do, but they should be the boldest of the bold, for creatives Manifest Something from Nothing and Give it Life in the World.

Keep your heads held high today!  You make me proud!