Wednesday, November 12, 2014

63 Third Thought Thinking

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Our natural response when confronted with a decision is to simply agree with what is put before us.

The second thought is to blindly disagree and reject what is presented.

The Third thought is where all creativity begins. The Third Thought is  one of "how can I make this work" not whether it will work or not, but HOW.

Third Thought Thinking engages your creativity centre in your brain and you begin to problem solve as opposed to just regurgitating reasons pro or con for the provided options of a decision.

In Improv comedy it is essential to live in the third thought - for that is where all of the punchlines to all the jokes live.

Improv example:
Free word association with the word "apple"

First thought thinkers:
iPhone, iPad, Computers, Red, Golden delicious, granny smith,

Second thought thinkers:
Orange, Banana, fruit, PC, android

Third thought thinkers:
Gravity, of my eye, archery, pineapple, apple Jacksparrow, Steve Jobs, Adam and Eve, Adam and Steve (Jobs)

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